Hi, my name is Katarzyna Bobrowicz.
I am a riddle-searcher.

But only some riddles pique my curiosity. Only these, which arise on the overlap of ethology, cognitive sciences and philosophy. Most likely these riddles are insolvable, though the solution is of crucial importance for the way all creatures live their everyday lives.

Well, actually all these flying, crawling and humming beings do not care at all, but the answers could slightly change our attitude and largely improve the quality of their lives.

I am concerned with the problem of episodic memory and its relationship with autonoetic consciousness. I work mostly with animals and involve them in non-invasive, purely observational projects with my team. The aim is simple: to enter the worlds-around the participants and get to know how they perceive, what they are capable of and what we could do with this knowledge.

Not to share another boring-to-tears life story, I should just invite you to explore my projects. I would be most happy to answer any questions, find out more about the above-mentioned riddles and share what I have managed to gather so far.

For more information on my theoretical research, go here.

If you are looking for my empirical projects, go here.

You are most welcome to contact me at: katarzyna.bobrowicz@lucs.lu.se